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About mioou

mioou is a brand of furniture designed for cats from cat’s perspective.
It combines functionality, aesthetics and original design. Our products are cat, home and environment friendly. The collection consists of houses, tunnels and scratching posts, which are everything, that every cat needs to be happy. Individual elements can be used separately or combined into sets. More furniture means more possibilities and more place for playing.

Aesthetic and Design

Warm and natural materials; felt, cardboard and jute, from which mioou products are made of, fit into any interior and can even be its original decoration. The colours, shape and finishing touch of our furniture also meet the cat’s needs: they give a sense of security, encourage pets to play and are their favourite place to sleep and relax.



Thanks to its light weight, portable construction and materials, mioou furniture gives more possibilities and do not take up so much space ias the conventional ones. They can be used as a coffee table, a bookcase, and this is just the beginning. Individual pieces of furniture can be combined into sets and can even be easily moved wherever you want your cat to be.


Imagine you’re a cat. Look at the world from cat’s perspective. That’s the way, how you should look at the furniture of mioou. The transparent walls stimulate curiosity and allow you to observe all sides of the world. Equipped with well-thought-out openings, bite grips and scratch areas, they encourage to play. Cats don’t need any manuals for our furniture, because they instinctively know, what to do with them.
Mioou furniture is an excellent companion for cats.
Make your cat be happy just to the end of his tail.



The materials used to make mioou furniture were selected very carefully. Each element was designed to meet cat’s expectations. The cardboard attracts cats like a magnet and the felt imitates the covers of the sofas, so that the furniture at your home stay safe. The materials used are ecological and environmental friendly.
Is there anything else what you want?

My story

I am an architect who loves beauty and animals. In my everyday life and work, I am accompanied by three cats named Tito, Tula, and Lila. They have changed my consciousness, and that’s why I created my project, mioou, for them and their needs. Cats love cardboard and natural materials, so I use them to create my architecture projects for cats. I create them myself with care for design and the environment. I am convinced that you and your cat would love my aesthetic furniture.