House for your cat​

Your cat will know how to use the house and doesn’t need any manual for this.

The whole house is a scratcher. It attracts cats like a magnet so that your cat can sharpen its claws without damaging the furniture at your home.

Every cat is thrilled when it can scratch and play at will.

Aesthetically designed and handmade. All houses are made of natural cardboard, felt and jute rope. These simple materials and their selection are not accidental because we want your cat to accept and like each piece of furniture created especially for it. A great advantage is transparent side walls, through which your cat can see and hear everything perfectly. It gives your pet the impression of being hidden and the possibility to observe the world around it. These walls provide excellent ventilation, so there’s no need to worry about your cat being too cold or too warm.

Let your cat feel happy just to the end of its tail.

Choose a house for your cat

How you can make your cat happy

four simple steps

Step 1

Make the choice according to what your cat likes.

Step 2

+ Add the selected house to the cart.

Step 3

Provide residential address of your cat and make the payment to bring him joy.

Step 4

Observe the happiness that you provided to your cat.


Lounger for your cat