MOFU cat blanket

MOFU is a blanket to be kneaded with cat’s paws, resembling faux fur.

It invites you to cuddle and rest to dream cat dreams. It makes cats feel like little kittens again.

Let your cat feel happy just to the end of its tail.



The MOFU blanket is made of faux fur and cotton flannel which is nice for cats’ paws.

Placed in any place it serves cats to sleep or rest. It can be placed on both sides, depending on the cat’s preferences.

MOFU is a perfect add-on to the MIOOU collection of scratching furniture.

Your cat will know how to use MOFU and does not need a manual to do so.

Product Info

MIOOU MOFU Blanket for Cats
Materials: faux fur, cotton flannel
Colours: grey
Dimensions in cm: 38 x 56 (W x L)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Crafted: handmade (dimensions may vary slightly, waiting time approximately 10 working days)
Cleaning: hand or machine washable at 30°C
Packaging: cardboard box
Country of origin: designed and made in Poland

How to Use

Remember your safety as your cat has sharp claws and be careful not to get hurt while playing.


Your cat can lie down and sleep safely on the MOFU blanket. Choose her favourite side for her to rest in the comfort she deserves.

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