MOSO is a toy, although seemingly inconspicuous, gives a lot of joy to the cat.

A simple design and the power of fun is hidden in MOSO.

Its 8 holes are for hiding and searching for what is inside.

Rolling MOSO attracts the cat’s attention and encourages it to have great fun.

Let your cat feel happy just to the end of its tail.



The MOSO toy is made of cardboard and felt. The natural materials we use are what cats love most.

It has 8 holes where you can hide toys (we added some to start with) or treats that your cat will try to get out.

MOSO can roll on the floor arousing your cat’s interest.

Cats themselves will find many other uses for MOSO.

Your cat will know how to use the toy and doesn’t need any manual for this.

Product Info

MIOOU MOSO Toy for Cats

Materials: corrugated cardboard, felt
Colours: grey, red, beige
Dimensions in cm: 24 x 24 x 10 (W x L x H)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Crafted: handmade (dimensions may vary slightly, waiting time approximately 10 working days)
Packaging: cardboard box
Country of origin: designed and made in Poland

How to Use

Take care of your safety while playing with your cat. It has sharp claws and you may get hurt.


Searching is a favourite amusement of cats. MOSO allows you to hide favourite treats or toys to find them. Simply drop something into the holes in MOSO and watch your cat turn into a seeker.


Moving objects arouse the cats’ interest. MOSO is shaped in such a way that it can be rolled. All you have to do is lay it on its side and push it. The cat will watch MOSO closely.


Cardboard is for scratching, MOSO is made of cardboard, so it is for scratching. It’s simple and every cat knows it.

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