PIKI cat toy

Play with your cat with this PIKI from MIOOU!

PIKI is a nice alternative to a laserpointer.
Designed to appeal to the natural hunting instinct in your cat,

This cat toy includes a toy bird that is filled with catnip.
With a length of 70 cm and a felt bird on a cotton string, your cat will love the natural feel.
The wood handle makes PIKI easy to pick up so you can play with your cat wherever you want.



The PIKI is a toy for the cat. It is made of felt and two felt balls are strung on a string with a wood handle.
The bird is filled with catnip to make the cat try to catch it.

Your cat will know how to use the toy and doesn’t need any manual for this.

Product Info

MIOOU PIKI Toy for Cats

Materials: felt, wooden stick, felt balls and cotton string
Colours: grey, red, beige
Dimensions in cm: 70 (L)
Weight: 0.1 kg
Crafted: handmade (dimensions may vary slightly, waiting time approximately 10 working days)
Packaging: bubble envelope
Country of origin: designed and made in Poland

How to Use

Take care of your safety while playing with your cat. It has sharp claws and you may get hurt.


Drag the PIKI toy across the floor so your cat can hunt for it, and a power of fun is assured.


Hold the PIKI toy by the handle and let your cat catch the moving felt bird or felt balls.


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